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After serving almost 16 years as a Graham County Supervisor, Drew John announced his intent to run for the AZ House of Representatives in Legislative District 14 (LD 14) in 2016. LD 14 includes Cochise, Greenlee, Graham Counties (excluding the San Carlos Apache Reservation), East side of Pima County-Rosemont area, Corona, Vail, Rita Ranch and the surrounding mountains of East Tucson. 
In making his announcement as a guest speaker at a recent Graham County Republican meeting, John stated, “I have always told people that every individual needs to step up for their community when the opportunity arises. With the current Speaker of the AZ House of Representatives, David Gowan and Representative David Stevens terming out of the House at the end of 2016 and if I don’t step up when this opportunity presents itself, I feel I would be a hypocrite.

My Experience  

  • Provides smaller more efficient government
  • Protects and preserves our rural lifestyle
  • Prevents needless cookie cutter regulations impacting our rural businesses and residents

 John indicated that he had previously been approached by various individuals who urged him to consider running and has decided to step up for the challenge. He went on to emphasize the importance of LD 14 continuing  to have a strong voice in the representation of its rural residents and that greater emphasis be placed on consistent communication with local leaders and citizens in each district community. He also outlined the following goals if elected to serve in the AZ House of Representatives:

  • Protect and preserve the rural lifestyle.
  • Prevent cookie cutter regulations for AZ, especially those impacting rural businesses and residents.
  • Smaller and more efficient government.

John, who is a 4th generation Arizonian, currently lives in Graham County and spent most of his youth living on a ranch farm in Cochise County 20 miles north of Benson. He also attended Benson Union and Safford High Schools.  He’s been married 39 years, has 3 children, and has been involved in family and his own businesses all of his life. He was a graduating member of Project Central Center for Rural Leadership Class XXII and selected as a Fellow for the Flinn-Brown Foundation Civic Leadership Program. His lifelong service to his community and state is exemplified by his service on the:

  • Safford Unified School Board
  • AZ State Parks Off Highway Vehicle Advisory Board
  • Southeastern AZ Governments Organization
  • AZ/NM Coalition - Chairman
  • AZ BLM Resource Advisory Commission
  • AZ Criminal Justice Commission
  • Eastern AZ Counties Organization
  • Southeastern AZ Sportsmen Club
  • AZ State Parks Foundation
  • Friends of Roper Lake State Park Board