for AZ State Senate 

Your current LD14 State House Representative

Call to Join the team

Thank you to all that supported me during the last legislative session.  Having listnened to folks all over LD14, I am really looking forward to this repersenting you in this upcoming legislative session. I am honored to represent so many people that I grew up and worked with in LD14. As you may have noticed, I am running for the Senate in 2018 with the support of my LD14 teammate Gail Griffin who is running for the House next year.  

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Candidate Drew John

After serving my first term as your Arizona House Representative and almost 16 years as a Graham County Supervisor I am announcing my candidacy for the Arizona State Senate.   “I have always told people that every individual needs to step up for their community when the opportunity arises.  We need to continue strong consistent communication between citizens, local leaders and the capital."
John, a 4th generation Arizonian, currently lives in Graham County and spent most of his youth living on a ranch farm in Cochise County 20 miles north of Benson. He attended Benson Union and Safford High Schools.  He’s been married 41 years, has 3 children, and has operated small businesses in LD14 with family and on his own his entire life.